On the Heels of A Fashion Pandemic...

On The Heels 👠 of a Fashion pandemic , we are coming out for Spring...

Politics aside , color was bold at the inauguration on the way in but not on the way out ! Purples and blues, the tones chosen from select new designers , sending a message of women power to the forefront ! Melania’s exit , a somber , elegant Ralph Lauren black suit to board Air Force One and then a Gucci colorful caftan to arrive in Palm Beach and descend from her role as First Lady !
We all need a BOOST now , so spring forward and let the sunshine in !
It’s been a year of binge-watching Netflix shows and now maybe it’s just time to dress the part. It may not be a season for Bridgerton costumes but the Undoing and Queens Gambit sure have some statuesque women who are power players ! Remember Charlie’s Angels , Friends , Dallas , and Sex and the City ? We couldn’t wait to get our hair cut like Jennifer Aniston , get our groove on and dress like Sarah Jessica Parker , buying Manolo’s and Jimmy Choo’s and sexy short LBD dresses! Now we are in March and March Madness should reflect more of our feminine side than the game of basketball keeping us in sweats ! Get yourself excited again and pretend if you have to that you are on a Hollywood set as lead actress !
Here are a few wardrobe essentials ...
Lighten up your colors. Pale blues , pale greens and whites , a winning combination ! Knits in creamy colors to pair with a silk jogger . Blue jeans finally made their way to the runways after all these years for spring . Bravo to reality !!!! Flares looks fabulous !
Patchwork tops and vintage options are a fun way to highlight your style. It’s so important to bring a joyful awareness to your everyday image !
It’s not easy to wear bright yellows , but Amanda Gorman sure stood out and made history with her ensemble at the inauguration bringing down the House with her insightful poetry ! Bravo to that young lady for showing such poise in a time of upheaval !
Add a pink mule for a splash of color ! A bold sunglass ! A handbag or a pale pink hat that is colorful ! Jewelry is now all about semi precious and natural gemstones 💎 that are bold ! Try an emerald , a pink morganite , a beryl stone in aquamarine ... Ring in SPRING!!!
By all means we love cotton sweaters in neutral shades and you will wear them on repeat ! Still a chill in the air , so leather bottoms loosened up a bit will be your effortless dress code with a sheer blouse and of course an underpinning !
Don’t be afraid to wear a duster or cardigan with your subtle patterned leggings and yes , sneakers . Just call the season ahead , relaxed minimalism , but energized with some personal accessories that reflect your colorful mood !!! Let’s step it up and spring into our new roles, even if we have to be an actress !
Tricia Snyder

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