What our customers are saying...

“I take energy and inspiration from you mistress or (madam if you prefer) of your own destiny, staying strong mentally, emotionally and physically and trying to ever evolve as a person, business women, mother, daughter, friend etc. I had that once, but haven’t felt like that for a few years- I hope to get it all back and some of the solution is you, your team and how you all let me express what is arguably the only artistic talent I may have and ALSO make me feel better about myself... I am not much of a mystical person, but I really believe you were placed in my path for so many healthy and wonderful reasons! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again, for getting me!” - Georgia F.

“The culmination of height in fashion and self-expression, with a team who isn't shy about saying what looks good, what doesn't, and suggesting items you may not consider, but look fabulous. They help you to be the best version of yourself.” - Mary Beth S.

“For years I wondered what “my style“ was. After wasting lots of time and money on lots of different places and things I stumbled upon Trish. From the minute I put on my first piece, I knew I felt comfortable and had found a home. It is so effortless and easy, literally my whole collection is from Trish. From clothes to shoes to belts to jewelry! Trish made it so much better and simpler! Thanks to Trish and her team!” - Frances L.

“Trish is THE place to go to for the best choices of stylish clothing and accessories! I love everything in her beautiful boutique!! Hard to leave there without bags of goodies!!” - Lisa M.

“So thrilled to have you in the market. In Vegas recently a woman who turned out to be from Richmond stopped me and complimented me on my outfit. We chatted a bit and I told her it was from my favorite place in VB- she said Trish? I said yes and she said she thought so because she had visited the store once, loved it and knew I looked Trish styled. Made my day!!" - Amy B.

“Trish is vibrant, fresh and young, without looking like my daughter’s closet. She keeps it sophisticated with her choices of quality pieces, interesting accessories, and expert styling.” - Lynne H.

“Best Golden Goose selection around!!!” - Nicole F.

“Love shopping on this site! I often find things I can’t find on other online sites & stores.” - Celeste B.

“I am impressed by the curated vibe in Trish. She captures what is current, unfussy and modern." - Kimberly R.