Tricia Snyder- Owner

She came by it honestly, and didn’t have a clue it would happen when Trish got into fashion in her late 20’s!

Her Grandparents on both sides were retailers. Tricia’s father’s family owned a department store in the Tidewater area, and her mother’s parents owned a jewelry store in Lynchburg, Virginia! She and her siblings worked in the department store growing up on weekends and were each  moved around every department only to find out her favorite little corner was being a phone operator!

During her college years at University of Denver, it wasn’t unusual for her to show up on home visits with an entirely new look each time! It was the big reveal that everyone enjoyed, and the western look definitely was adopted and stuck with her all these decades since! Cowboy boots, jeans and turquoise were her go to, and you will rarely see her without jeans on any given day or evening…even now!

Her first entry into fashion was taking a position selling Ralph Lauren to the military exchanges, which led her to New York shortly after! The city was buzzing in the late 80’s and she took a chance going to work for a modern designer of the moment and shifted her focus! Fashion really fell into her lap with that move at 28 years of age as  her career got on track with Norma Kamali! She handled all the PR with the department and specialty stores and traveled extensively training sales associates on how to sell Norma Kamali style! She became Sales Director in the years that followed and the key liaison between Norma and the stores she sold!

Other companies were making offers years later that were hard to pass up, so she left and spent time at Nancy Heller and also was vice president of womenswear at Merona, which was a hot casual collection where she had merchandising input and could call the shots!

In 1990, Trish decided it was a good time to head back to Virginia and open her own retail store! Dakota was a western style store with collections from some of the coolest brands in the market! Denim from Big Star, Robert Comstock leather, Al Beres belts, Joseph of London leather pants and Robert Clergerie shoes were key designers! Dakota was one people still talk about, even after 30 years, today! It had the personality of a store in Aspen and the clientele to match! Saturdays were always a who’s who crowd and the gathering of people locally was always magnetic in store!

After 10 years, she called it quits and took a very short break to be with her son Cody at home! Very quickly, she was anxious about working again and opened a little store called Riptide which had a more modern contemporary feel and after a year, she opened a second store location in Aspen where she resided full time for the next 3 years!

Virginia Beach was still home, and though her heart was in Colorado, Aspen was changing and she felt trapped in a superficial world! So, home she came and once again, opened this store, TRISH, which was and is a culmination of all things beautiful!

It represents luxury and comfort, both being synonymous in the mix! The resources she carries are curated seasonally with much time and effort scouting the market for unusual brands not easily found! Jeans are always at the forefront being the most universally worn item in the fashion world! The Denim is complimented with beautiful silk blouses, blazers, dusters and other designer collections creating the TRISH style!

Her motto has always been “KEEP IT CLASSY” and her clientele, with their discerning taste, trust they are always going to be wardrobed with a keen sense of style! Know that you are walking into a boutique where relationships are built with heart and years will pass where friendships are inevitable! 

We look forward to meeting and greeting all of you either by FaceTime or in person in the years to come!!!