A Fall Fashion Statement!

People ask me constantly , “what should my wardrobe consist of ?”
I’ve given it a little more thought to make it understandable and this is how you can be the” master of your closet” !
It should look like your HOME, or dream home if you are transitioning in your style !
“Uncluttered , simple, neutrals dominant , and classic , with a little bit of the unexpected print as accents !”
This is sophisticated , modern and timeless ! Approach this with absolute certainty and you won’t run around changing your clothes 5 times and have to waste so much time making a final decision in what to wear to a dinner or lunch appointment !
A seasonal closet is most effective so there are only the fabrications that lend themselves to that time period.
Here we are in November and your favorite classics should be jeans , leather pants and jackets , cashmere sweaters , silk blouses for evening , and a few wonderful statement pieces. A duster is chic , a tapestry or velvet vest , some coat that wraps or is loose and comfy ! You want to make sure your shoes are congruent with your outfit. People so often miss that key accessory and it all goes bad with the wrong choice !
Definitely update your shoe closet and discard what is either beaten up or not stylish. When someone sees you , their eye goes from your head quickly to your feet ! It’s just the nature of what we do.
So for this season , a combat boot , or a black suede heeled boot , a western style boot or a flat studded loafer are all great options for the styles necessary to complete your STATEMENT ! We tend to buy neutrals first and foremost and if you are a girl that loves shoes , by all means add in a hot pink velvet flat to your shoe closet!
So think about your home !
Your sofas are neutral , your pop of color are the pillows ! The artwork on your walls are colorful and stand out as beautiful accents as would a scarf 🧣, or perhaps that wild colored velvet shoe ! Dabble in leopard as a no print, print in your home and by all means add it in your wardrobe.
Have fun with it and design your master closet to make you have a worry free easy place to grab and run. ! Keep it simple and make the revisions to keep it classy always !
Update by giving up the things that just are hanging around taking up space and are confusing you! Less is more , and quality over quantity is the Most important factor !
Giving away items you don’t want is a wonderful gesture during the holidays , and there are people who will be so appreciative to have some lightly used garments !
Lots of Love to you this holiday !
“Master your Closet and get clear on your style ! “ we are always happy to help you , and you know where to find us !
Tricia Snyder

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