Ease Into Fall!

What this season promises is EFFORTLESS dressing ! Some of the must haves on how to master that look are featured here.
Don’t complicate the simplicity of
just putting on a jean , a cool refined jogger , a leather trouser, or a long bias cut skirt ! It’s a simple t shirt , cashmere sweater or cotton bf shirt that will balance the look ! By all means , add those sneakers, a suede or leather boot or a loafer to compliment and edge it up. The snakeskin and animal print leathers are versatile and on trend this season ! The pump works too if you are in a place where you need to stand tall.
Sweaters this season are neutral in color and have a variety of neck lines. V- or crew neck , boyfriend turtleneck - cardigans , short or long. Classic with a twist girls ! Not prep please ! Black , grays, oatmeal and cinnamon are go-to colors that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come ! Quality over quantity an absolute priority when shopping for sweaters !
Add the layered on jewelry pieces that are unique to your spirit. We all LOVE jewels 💎! Mix your traditional with some of the modern symbols and you are set !
Evil eyes, lotus blossoms, peace signs , tarot card charms are great conversation pieces !
We are in the midst of an interruption in our daily routines but ......don’t lose hope or style during this time period. You will feel better when you get outside yourself and dress for the zoom calls , running errands, business meetings and your dinners with friends. It’s up to you to show your best side and that my dear girls is being put together with that confidence that people will notice and admire. We do have options always to step out of the box and be a woman with a purpose and plan !
Live your life with joy , adventure and style !
At Trish , retail therapy has become the ammunition to ignite renewed energy and flow !
We are here to help you with your styling needs or let’s just say desires ! Happy October , the month of fall temperatures has arrived to move us forward !
Tricia Snyder

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