Fashion Lives On!

If you look back to past pandemics and even wars ,
The most memorable rebound was seeing women dressing up again ! The skirts got shorter , makeup dramatically enhanced and people began smiling and enjoying life again. Ahhh ! The good ole days ! Women have always created the excitement and energy in a room , so why wouldn’t we do that now !
Designers are intrigued and motivated in a new way which we are very excited about. They are creating collections that will give us a reason to shop again ! Excitement will show up on the runways ! It’s Amazing how this time has promoted a creative trend and eye popping styles will be welcomed !
Get ready to show up and make a statement ! Isn’t it more fun to walk in a room and be a head turner rather than the girl that just shows up ! Just imagine the fun in dressing for yourself just to feel good !! I encourage everyone to try something new and see how it makes you feel. You will walk different ! Your stride will be intentional. Your smile , infectious !
Fashion is shifting with designers being aware that we are leaning towards more casual looks , and going into Fall , yes , we will be in jeans and sweaters and comfy street wear, but ...we will dress up too. Neutrals will be the palette and you will be the star ! The key is that you look chic and current ! It helps your confidence level ! Let your hair down a bit , and find that unique style that may be buried , and come outside with a vision of self that makes you feel beautiful !
Plan on being festive for the Fall season ahead ! Time for oyster roast , barbecues, wine tastings and some very special events we couldn’t wait to welcome back in our lives. The symphony , small intimate weddings and art showings are on the horizon ! Be ready to spread your wings !
We will certainly welcome you at TRISH to help you create a wardrobe that is uniquely styled for you ! Come on by and get ready for the upcoming Fall season !

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