Bandana Day Blues

Bandana day Blues

Staying at home , finding comfort in our nest
While our first responders are taking the heat for the damn rest.
Distancing so difficult, an unlikely norm
We’re finding our voices in a virtual form.
Friends close-by , we can connect with ZOOM
Chatting, a “highlight” , in this doom and gloom.
Writing and reading, chasing dreams a present quest
Knowing in the evenings , we will dine alone, no guest.
Moments lift our spirits, John Legend and Bon Jovi
A favorite DOLLY PARTON , a Burklee College VIrtual Symphony.
Days spent on lap tops, the reality is clear
Without this communication, we’re likely to drink a daytime beer.
On to Classical music, its sure to keep us on task.
But a bandana catches my eye, it’s time to make a mask.
China, Italy and Spain have shown us the curve
That very heightened awareness , slicing at every nerve.
Corona VIrus, a path So troubling and fierce,
The sounds of sirens, scream and pierce.
In this plight , the world has seen change.
For now , we hold hope and we re-arrange.
Our doctors, nurses , hospital staff at highest risk.
While some at home ,are loading photos to save on their disk.
Scientist working 24/7 on treatment and vaccines,
Healthcare workers sadly losing members of their teams.
Teachers , so loved, they’ve given so much of their heart.
Our students counting on being together, graduating apart.
Airlines , travel agents, devastated , another empty flight
Their struggle , so massive, send prayers to them at night.
Small businesses and restaurants , non essential, all closed.
There’s a silver lining for some , hooray for Loews.
Curbside delivery, keeping some barely alive
While others struggle daily taking a serious nose-dive.
Websites, all updated , brick and mortar stores need support
Shopping on line local, you’re already hostage in your fort.
Grocery store employees , expected to bag and smile
Delivery workers heads lowered, frowning into their steep pile.
Truck drivers carrying precious cargo, pushing hard every hour
Their selflessness proven so heartfelt, they now have the power.
Break time, take a walk, get a breath of fresh air.
A virtual workout with your trainer, they absolutely care.
Lawyers, now changing the way they meet with their clients,
They too are stunned by this virus , but remain always defiant.
Nutritionists , email them, get on a clean plan.
This is the time to make a change and say that” I CAN.”
THerapist , they won’t leave you, reach out for advice,
They can support from afar, and that will have to suffice.
Government workers , community patrols, fire and rescue , yes you.
How thankful we are for your commitment to this zoo.
COVID -19 an unprecedented storm cloud of dark blue
Washing its waves onto every beach and avenue.
From one coast to another, there’s an overwhelming concern
Everyone’s on edge, awaiting their turn.
The elderly, hospitalized, families losing all hope
Their loved ones separated, there’s no way to cope.
Nursing home windows, the only place to share
A kiss, a written message, a smile, its hard to bare.
Babies being delivered in the maternity ward.
Fathers allowed a time frame, to just cut the cord.
Marriages and large events postponed for a year,
So many involved, quietly shedding a tear.
For those who have lost jobs, know you are in need
There are many companies hiring, read your feed.
You can work from home, get paid well too
Just open your mind to options , some may be new.
Watching the news, you can trust the words from GovernorCuomo
To deliver his message , while millennials are freaking from FOMO.
( fear of missing out)
Ground Zero once again, NYC and Central Park
Hospitals overflowing, streets totally dark.
Even the Javits Center is setting up beds
Preparing for the wave of patients, and counting more heads.
Apartment buildings eery, people not leaving their home.
Police on duty , protecting everyone , helping the homeless , as they roam.
Borders being set up , fear of the virus going from state to state,
While everyone wants to get home to family, to live out their fate.
Our governors , mayors and news anchors working tirelessly for us
Respect their STAY AT HOME order , there’s no safe seat on a bus.
Play board games, build a deck, plant flowers and such.
This is a time we never planned to have , reach out and touch.
Tomorrow will come, and this will be in our past
But never forgotten, too memorable a cast
The cruise ships poisoned, the outbreaks at sea so vivid
Explanations to passengers , a tragic scene of people livid.
Thanks to the GOvernment for lending a hand
Everyone in the country is waiting for a check to land
We didn’t win the lottery, but this will lighten the weight.
The future unknown, there’s no definite date.
Rhythm and motion will get us to the next level
Practice your breathing , and knock out this devil.
Be patient with family, there’s so much fear,
Choose loving words, to those especially dear.
IN THIS TOGETHER, the phrase we honor now.
Will bring the world to a better place of unity , that we must vow.

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