#TrishAmbassador Joan!


Many of you have watched and been in awe of Joan’s eclectic style for years.
Some are mesmerized by the outfits she puts together in her own funky way and others are interested in where she got all that style. Truth is , she’s a natural. ! It’s her passion and she stays true to her unique look ! She doesn’t mind admitting that cool things to wear are her absolute addictions ! Better than something else that isn’t healthy !
She is curious , adventurous and daring about what she puts together. It’s a combination of some baggy shirt pieces , flannel being an obsession , paired with leather shorts or ripped jeans or joggers. Oh and Golden Goose is a staple !!! I mean she changes the laces and jazzes them up too! She’s always loved jewelry , and recently has become also obsessed with multiple ear piercings !
A really cool modern look for wearing earrings ! She got me hooked too and I have brought in many new jewelry designers! The inspiration of celestial symbols are feeling so right now. Necklaces layered together are also a fixture on Joan !
She is an artist who has just launched a beautiful series of paintings ! Horses are her passion ! She loves cats ! She recently became engaged to a really wonderful “one and only” Brad ! (He’s a good guy )
I’ve known Joan and been close friends with her for 30 years and she stays true to her convictions and loves. Without a doubt ,
She is a FASHIONISTA with the
Confidence to be exactly that.
Cool , edgy , sharp and damn smart .... i admire her in many ways !
You’ll see more as we capture her in more photos in store . Thanks to her , I get to keep TRISH fresh and motivated to push the envelope. Nothing ordinary !!!!!
Thank you Joan for being an Ambassador !!! 💜💜💜





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You have inspired me since we met! Jewelry and GG! Frosting on the cake of life! xo

Joan June 09, 2020

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