It’s May, We Have Bloomed!

Its May ! We have Bloomed !

These past months have redefined us !
Routines have been rerouted ! With so much uncertainty in our home life and businesses , the focus on mindset has surprisingly been exponentially productive ! And OTHER GROWTH too !!! 😉
Our hair has grayed , our sweats frayed, our wrinkles, crinkled , our bodies , not exactly hotties!
We have been starved For interaction , and ready to take action ! We have made amends with family members we hadn’t lived with in years. We have come together in love , not war !
We have shared more in this short period of time , and secrets have been exposed ! We have broken down the boundaries ! We have had pillow fights ! We have played board games ! We have eaten 3 meals a day and snacking has been overlooked ! We have walked the walk and had the talk !
Children have had their parents thoughtful attention . Brothers and sisters have found they actually can laugh together and put aside their differences.
Grandparents have felt the love ❤️ even though they have been isolated from us. Our neighbors have reached across the road in a warm embrace with smiles !
But business as usual is another story. Some have had the best months in their career ! Others , questioning how they will weather the storm. ! The strong businesses, and there are many are likely to help the economy get back on its feet. We will reopen with a community that is hungry for the familiar ! Restaurants will thrive again , small businesses will flourish, and the time to reconnect with our customers will be awe inspiring. Recognizing and appreciating this time of quiet has brought more value to our lives !
The new route we will take will be conscious , generous , grateful and understanding ! We will nurture ourselves with time afforded to do the things we have found so exhilarating ! Supporting each other’s growth , THE NEW NORM !
Supporting local businesses crucial to our community.
Get your hair done , nails done , facials , wrinkles fixed, booty blasted !
Get your summer wardrobe , your home decorated , your walls painted , your pool installed , get your family photographed , call your realtor , your therapist , your dentist , your plastic surgeon , your financial advisor ! Cater a party , hire musicians , a landscape architect , a captain of a boat ! Book a trip with your travel agent and a room for a nite at a local hotel ! By all means ,
Get out with a vengeance to your favorite restaurants and bars and bring back social gatherings and conversation !
We will thrive on the warmth that this community stands for. Together , WE HAVE THIS !
Happy MAY !

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