Spring forward, labels or not!

Spring Forward Labels or not !!!

Why is everyone so LABEL conscious ?
Big question with many answers but do we ever really know why it’s more important than ever to try new things that don’t broadcast the brand name ?
Here’s my take on it !
I lived in NEw YOrk from 1983-1990 !
Prada , Gucci , Chanel , Saint Laurent , stood out as the “extravagant”womens go-to for fashion ! But what about those who didn’t live that life style !
(Not everyone is capable of pulling off stunts like “Inventing Anna”.
(A must see series on Netflix)
In walks Norma Kamali , Donna Karan , Ralph Lauren , Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and of course others who grabbed the attention of the woman who found dressing in simple silhouettes, and monochromatic colors was a little more real !
It gave women a chance to find easy pieces that were classic enough that they could be worn everyday !
Now , we are finding its more interesting to mix it all up and every outfit becomes a unique expression of ones self.
Consider this “the new” revolution of women owning their look and showing up in what suits them best ! We are in that generation !
It’s about how you feel in your clothing , the raw emotion of how it comes together that matters most !
There’s no right or wrong approach if it’s done tastefully ! It’s your option to dress for yourself !
Spring 2022 is a beginning point for this very important conversation !
Labels ……not necessary …
Creating your style that is a little of your personality mixed with your confidence level , a YES !
Accessorize with something that you treasure and something you found that’s trendy !
Wear that hot pink or pale blue shoe with everything !
Wear a crocheted duster over your jean shorts and tank top !
Wear cowboy boots with your dresses !
As for color … add a little emerald green , purple , hot pink and bold yellow !
Go flat or go with wedges , or of course cool sneaks !
Wear low rise , mid rise or high rise jeans ! Flares give you more length so try them !
Wear a midriff baring top if you so dare ! (Don’t if you shouldn’t )
Live in your fantasy or live in your reality !
Just do what comes naturally !
Let your emotion guide you and trust the outcome.
Have your own runway show and allow yourself the liberty of styling yourself your way !
No one cares about the label !
They see YOU !!!
Happy Spring and of course we are always nearby at TRISH for your
Retail therapy or just some style tips !

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