Keep it Classy!

Business is “not” as USUAL !
It’s totally different and knowing how to CHANGE with the times in fashion or any business , is the only shot at

SO …. What have I done that’s making it work ???

I’m not that smart , I didn’t go to school for fashion !
Working on NYc in the wholesale side of fashion didn’t hurt though !

Experience became EVeRyTHInG …

NOT ….
Retail books that are crammed with words that have no variation in the temperament of the world ,
the stock market ,
the health crisis ,
the mood internationally ,
the shipping nightmare worldwide!

How often does a student get the opportunity to listen to a world class designer , or a retailer talk SHOP in college ?

Do professors talk about the climate , politics , marketing NOW , the challenges in hiring , SOP’s or ICA’s ? (What do those acronyms mean ? 🤷‍♀️

I grew up in a family where business conversation and discipline were a constant !

Even when I wasn’t listening intently , I was hearing and absorbing it !

I saw the passion my Dad had for business everyday , and my Mom started her own business , and she was just as passionate about hers !

I took all that in , but after many years, and several failed businesses , I figured out that I had to run my business different and it needed to be something I wasn’t familiar with ! ! !

I knew I loved the constant change that went along with owning a retail store !

It never felt boring with new collections arriving each season , but there was something missing and the angst it was causing with the rollercoaster ride that had me very up and then very down was killing me .

I was moody , I was missing that feeling of joy that comes with loving what you do everyday !

I didn’t quit, because deep down I knew I had to survive and become independent !
I only had me to count on ….
I had to make it !!!

I’m more of a “sense maker” in actuality !

Trying to make sense of the nonsense business of fashion and trends !

Trying to curate the right merchandise that can last through the forever changing , absurdity of what we’re being told is”on TREND now “!

Trying to avoid the unfashionable
Fashion magazines that are messing up peoples brains who count on them to show SENSIBLE , Wearable , Attractive clothing !

Trying to tell the account executives in the showrooms in New York , who are brainwashed , that what I’m seeing is a “NO” for me !

Telling my clients that changing their style and making it more trendy isn’t right for them .

Keeping them classic is !

Coming home from market wondering how to SAVE a season where NOTHING made sense and it’s an entire season to salvage !

Stop 🛑

That’s wear the “sense maker” comes to the rescue !

Here’s the TRUTH about fashion now !

There’s nothing new !

COVID changed things !

We all started wearing and making sense of what we had in our closet !

We started putting sweats on and dressing them up with a blazer for a zoom call and then realizing it was okay to go out of the house that way !

We started wearing layers and the mix of it all seemed fresh and unique !

We started coming up with our own unique style of dressing !

And it worked …..

People ask me every time I return from market what is coming for that next season ….what’s trending …what’s cool ……

I just figured it out in the last years, while I kept my self steady !

Nothing new looks good ! Sorry 😞

We are not going to walk around in tight clothing , short skirts , orange , purple and lime green print flouncy ruffled skirts and dresses and we aren’t going to look good in any of it !

WHAT makes sense , is this ….

Wear what you want !

Wear what looks on you !

Wear what feels good !

Wear what is simple and makes you feel the way you want to feel !

As a buyer , shop owner and business woman , I see it clearly !

I don’t get caught up in the minutia of having a store full of prints because that is what the designers
Are pushing !

I don’t buy colors that people look terrible in and can’t wear !

I don’t fall into the pressure cooker of having my store looking like a zoo , when animals of all kinds , not just animal print is the hottest trend !

I buy what I know has longevity , and is appealing to the eye !

When we invest in an item , it needs to be a favorite classic that has a long shelf life !

It’s the caviar , and the fine wine you know is there to enjoy and feel
You can count on !

That’s it …..quality ….

Something to treasure …..

A unique fun accessory ……

Classic pieces that look and feel luxurious!!!

And …..

The best part of being a retailer is …
It’s a business , it’s forever changing , it’s exciting and it’s challenging and I do business with people who I have great relationships with !

So …. I wrote this because I want so much to watch other women feel what I feel …..

I encourage women to find their passion !

It’s never too late .


BUSINESS is WAY COOL and women are the best at multitasking !

I love your comments , and hope this provoked some good thoughts !

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