A Reality check was clear around December when both Allie and Rhea were about to deliver their babies within weeks of each other !


The busiest time of year kept me from stressing out with no time to consider options !

We had wonderful part time college students from the summer season helping out for the holidays !


JANUARY came and out of the blue , we had  a GODSEND !


Maddie and Madisyn , both were recommended from friends and they were interviewed and hired instantly !


Maddie is a recent graduate of

Virginia Tech majoring in Fashion Merchandising !   (She’s our strawberry blonde)

Originally from Virginia Beach , her aspirations were to be involved in a career in fashion ! She landed here and we are excited to introduce  her  great energy and sweetness to our clientele both online and in person !  You’ll just love her !!!


Madisyn , a graduate of the nursing program at University of South Carolina has taken a gap year off to enjoy her love for fashion here in her hometown !

She’s got that style that is undeniable , so we certainly hope she will remain with us for a bit !

Confident and cool , she’s a born fashionista !!!  (Blonde hair with bangs )


Sarah graduated NC State as a finance major !

Her Sorority sisters found her “closet” and knew where they would be hanging out begging to borrow clothes !

She’s a natural stylist , with an absolute passion for fashion !

She has already been with us 6 months and couldn’t be happier with the TEAM coming together with so much commonality !

(Our brunette beauty )


Of course Allie is our trooper , our Rock Star and  confidante ,she will be here with her Baby Natalie as much as possible ! Our Director of Merchandising and marketing , she will have her hands full keeping our website fresh and Instagram rolling !


Rhea , not to be forgotten , will be helping me personally with projects in my interior design side job ! 😉


Reach out to anyone of the girls and say hello or ask for their assistance !



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